Overseas licence conversion in Melbourne, the easiest way!

The complete help you need in most quick and cheapest way to convert your overseas licence from any country in the world into an Australian car drivers licence is here! If you live in the state of Victoria, you will need to get in touch with VicRoads for administration purposes and one of the Melbourne driving schools like us when you need professional driving lessons!

Divided into 2 categories based on the country of origin the licence from (recognized country & non-recognized country), VicRoads decide whether you need to just pay the fee and convert the licence or you require to go through exams before you can convert your licence.

Please read all the information on this page as this might help you a lot. Tips on this page cover issues that you might discover once you are stuck halfway. We get to know all the issues as we have worked closely with overseas licencing offices and VicRoads for over a decade. After all, we don’t want you to struggle when you want to convert your driver’s licence!

Hot tips: You can request VicRoads to give you a letter stating that, they have accepted your overseas licence which is from a non-recognised country. Take that letter with along with all the above mentioned documents on the day of your drive test to avoid any misunderstanding.

Note: Unless you are going for your ‘P’, consider using automatic transmission car instead of manual car if you are going to get the full licence! The benefit is that it’s cheaper and easier for most people to pass the drive test! A full licence is unrestricted, means even though you attend the test in an automatic car, using your full license you are legally allowed to drive both automatic and manual car on the road!

Please note: You don’t have to convert your driver’s licence unless you become a permanent resident or an Australian citizen. You will have 6 months to convert your driver’s licence in this case. Student visa, work visa, temporary resident visa, bridging visa holders can drive with their overseas licence for as long as they wish. You can take driving lessons with us in all the above cases!

Non-recognised licence conversion

If your licence issuing country name is not listed in the "Recognized countries and jurisdictions" list, or your licence issuing country name is listed on "driver experience recognized" country list but you are under 25 years of age" you will require to go through a Learner permit knowledge test (computer based), Hazard perception test (computer based) and a practical on the road "Car drive and skills test" known as drive test! On the same day you pass the drive test, they might consider your overseas licence and issue you a full driver’s licence similar to what they will issue to someone having a licence from a recognized country.

You may feel that it’s too much information and you are not sure where to go, whom to ask and all of that! We are here to help you from the beginning to end. Even before you take the knowledge test, you can book a lesson with us so that we can guide you through everything!

New rules affects and solutions

If you fail your drive test on your overseas licence, you will not be able to drive by yourself until you pass the drive test regardless of which Visa you are on! You can minimize this risk by considering our licence guarantee package!

Other issues can ruined your plan

Sometime VicRoads require verification from the country’s Embassy/ Consulate office located in Australia. Also, the details on your licence should match 100% with your Passport. VicRoads can guide you in those matters!

Lessons for overseas drivers

Just book an hour lesson ($47, manual $2 extra, pay on the day) so that can give you an estimate on the total number of lesson you may require (total cost) as well as a timeframe to complete all the formalities to drive in Melbourne, Victoria!

Recognized driver experience & countries

If your licence is from a "Recognized countries and jurisdiction", this means you are exempt by VicRoads from any theory or practical exam.

List of "Recognized countries and jurisdictions"

Canada (1)
Isle of Man (2)
Malta (3)
New Zealand

(1) Licences from Ontario Canada must be surrendered and returned to the licensing authority
(2) For licences first issued on or after 1 April 1991
(3) For licences first issued on or after 2 Jan 2004

List of "driver experience recognized" countries

Also, if your licence is from a country listed in the "driver experience recognized" list and your age is 25 or more, means you are exempt by VicRoads from any theory or practical exam.

Czech Republic
Cyprus (4)
Hong Kong (5)
South Africa
South Korea

(4) Must be accompanied by one of the following: a Cypriot Passport or Cyprus Identity card or letter of verification from the Cyprus High Commission of Canberra.
(5) Must be held for 12 months. The Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

If you are exempt from exam based on the "Recognized countries and jurisdictions" or "driver experience recognized countries for the minimum age of 25", you need to make an appointment with VicRoads by calling on 131171 and on the day of your appointment bring all the required documents requested by them. Sometime VicRoads require verification of your licence and it may take few days. Your photo will be taken too.

Documents to present by overseas licensee

Below is a general guide of the kinds of documents required by VicRoads each time you go to VicRoads branch, regardless of which country your licence was obtained in. If you have already presented these documents once, remember to bring them again when you go there the next time:

Overseas Passport, evidence of Visa status, address proof letter with your name and a Victorian residential address, credit/debit card, original overseas licence (not international driving permit), verification (for some countries and states, check with VicRoads), English translation by a NATTI approved translator (if your licence is not in English) & amendment from the relevant authority (check with VicRoads) if detail doesn’t match exactly between your passport and drivers licence.

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