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Hazard perception test preparation by a professional instructor!

Our professional recommendation on VicRoads HPT preparation to be able to sit for drive test is to read all the information on this webpage till the very end with patience, and finally on the day practice on the VicRoads computer few times before clicking to start actual test.

Hot tips: Never book the appointment of HPT on the same day of drive test as if you couldn’t pass the HPT you couldn’t go for the drive test.

This could be very frustrating when VicRoads will tell you on the day of drive test that they can’t take you out drive test due to your HPT expired. Hazard test valid for 12 months, which VicRoads booking system sometime doesn’t check if your hazard test is valid or not and allow you to book drive test. So check the result valid or not prior the test day!

Hazard test to be completed within 45 minutes, 28 short videos 30 seconds each, 54% to pass the test. Most of the applicant completes the test within 15 minutes only. You will get chances to practice before the actual test on the same computer.


Caution: On the internet there are many videos on HPT but most of them are overseas standard/ doesn’t match with the actual test or sometime even teach you incorrectly.

HPT online example 1

Hazard test preparation 1

Question 1: You are stationary and wish to turn right at this intersection. Click the mouse when it is safe to do so.

Answer You will see the truck is turning. However please do not click the mouse button until the truck almost complete the turn and you can see there will be a motor cycle behind the truck. Click the mouse button immediately after the motor bike go.

HPT online example 2

Hazard test preparation 2

Question 2: You are driving behind a cyclist. Click the mouse when it is safe to overtake.

Answer Do not click the mouse button at all. Even though you can see the broken line marked on the road which might confuse you as legally you can cross the broken like to overtake. However you are not allowed to do so when there is oncoming traffic.

HPT online example 3

Hazard test preparation 3

Question 3: You are driving straight ahead & approaching a hazard. Click the mouse when you think you should slow down.

Answer Notice there is a green arrow at the top entered by editing the picture. The arrow is pointing to a yellow background warning sign. During the video when you will be able to clearly see the yellow sign, click your mouse button immediately.


We recommand 2 websites where you can practice in addition to the tips on this page:
Drive smart website on http://www.drivesmart.vic.gov.au and
RTA website http://www.mylicence.sa.gov.au/hazard-perception-test

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