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About Ideal driving school

We are an Australian owned and operated driving academy based in Melbourne, Victoria. We have been operating since 2008 with 100% customer satisfaction record and 99% first time pass rate. Being registered and licensed from all various regulatory and licensing bodies’ means our clients are fully protected by Australian & Victorian law, this keeps them safe at all time and at different stages of our services.

All our male and female trainer recognised by VicRoads and hold full victorian drivers licence
accredited by taxi service commission of melbourne, currently renamed as Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

      we have instructors who are also accredited with keys2drive.com.au
Member of Australian driver trainers association of Victoria

Our mission: Continue teaching learner drivers with the latest research based driving techniques in the state of Victoria in Australia to make them drive safely as well as obtain a Victorian Drivers licence Easily.

Our vision: Able to reach all Victorian learners and drivers with the latest driving training resources available at a lowest possible cost. We also aim towards zero road accidents while driving.

About the Instructors

Every instructor has completed a certificate 3 or certificate 4 in driver training from a Victorian registered training organisation. Then they had the police check, www check because we teach learner drivers from 16 years of age as well as health checks and then get all above checked by TSC to get the instructor authority before we considered them at our first stage of screening to recruit as an instructor.

Female instructors

Individuals can choose the gender of the instructor they feel comfortable to learn within our coverage of Melbourne suburbs. This could be for a personal, religious or even a different reason; we can help you in that too.

Bilingual instructors

In addition to our native English speaking instructors, we have bilingual tutors passed through the same Australian standard trainings and accreditation criteria to become fully qualified professional driving instructors who can put extra efforts!

How we assign instructor to you?

Your assigned instructor will be matched considering your specific requirements, like if you requested for a female driving instructor or a bilingual instructor who speaks a second language of your choice (For example: Australian standard native English speaker, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Greek, and more ). We also consider your local trainer who lives at the same suburb as you or a nearby suburb to minimise travel time as well as any VicRoads.

Our training cars and insurance

All of our training cars are small and medium in size, fitted with an additional break, accelerator & clutch (on manual cars) pedals on the front passenger side for the instructor to be able to control the car as necessary to ensure safe lesson environment. This also makes it possible to avoid any physical contact with the student during the lesson course. All of our training cars are new/ near new/ a few years old, in roadworthy condition, also have comprehensive insurance with renowned Melbourne insurance company like RACV, AAMI and others for your peace of mind.

Lesson using your car, yes or no!

Since there is no dual control pedal fitted in your car, due to the safety reason, we require you to take all your training in our instructors dual control pedal fitted car. You might have a lot of driving experience and your car is insured however if you are considering lessons it means you still have things to learn/ workout. While listening and learning, our school policy is that you must use the dual control car provided by us along with the instructor in that car for the first lesson. However, in exceptional circumstances, after the first lesson, you can discuss about using your own automatic car for the lesson during daylight excluding freeway or inside cbd($75 per hour) directly with your instructor.

Please note: The law doesn’t allow any instructor to go in your car (without dual control pedal) during the VicRoads drive test. VicRoads may not accept your own car if there is any issues like speedometer not visible from the front passenger seat, handbrake is under the foot, button handbrake, car not in roadworthy condition, etc. for solo test on the day! Consider using your instructor’s car in this case with warm-up lesson just before the test on the same day to get used to with instructor's car and then use the same car for the actual test.

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VicRoads accredited driving school
All our trainers are recognised by VicRoads as qualified driving instructors.
Keys2drive accredited instructors
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Member of Australian driver trainer associaton of Melbourne
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