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Questions asked by learners and drivers looking driving lessons in Melbourne

Here are the most frequently questions along with their genuine answers! If you have any further question, feel free to ask a question online related to Melbourne driving lessons, driving instructors, driving school & one of the specialist consultant reply you shortly (usually within an hour).

What are the steps to get my Victorian drivers licence in Melbourne?

As soon as you have passed the learner permit test, you can start learning to drive with us. You have to wait minimum 12 months and completed 120 hours of supervised driving recorded in your logbook before going for drive test to get a probationary (P1 red P) licence under the GLS (graduated licensing system). If you are 21 then no need to complete 120 logbook hours but need to wait minimum 6 months (you will get green P known as P2 licence), 25 and over need only 3 months before they can sit for drive test to get P2. Waiting periods are exempt for someone who holds an overseas licence from a non recognized country going through the steps. P1 duration 1 year, P2 duration 3 years, after the period, no testing required to get a full licence.

Learner permit test

First of all, read free road to solo driving eBook, secondly practice learner permit test online free, thirdly book actual learner permit knowledge test online or by calling VicRoads on 131171.

Hazard perception test

Visit the professional link to prepare for hazard perception test known as HPT. Once ready you can book the hazard test online, in person to any VicRoads branch or by calling 131171.

Driving road test

Download VicRoads drive test criteria eBook for free as well as get some driving test preparation lessons on Vicroads actual test routes until our instructor finds you are ready to pass the licence test.

How many lessons do I need?

Some learners require just 1 or 2 lessons (those who have driven before and have opportunities to practice outside lessons) whereas some require 5 to 10 hours on an average. At the end of the first lesson, your instructor will be able to tell you the approximate number of lessons you may need.


Is pickup always a good idea as it doesn’t cost extra!

It depends on individuals circumstances! For example, if you are a beginner and you live in a busy area/ pick hour traffic time then you can meet instructor to an agreed nearby quite area to save lesson time.

Another example: you might want to get ready for drive test and you live far from the testing centre. Taking the advantage of pickup actually gives you less time to explore the test routes. You can use PTV journey planner to meet instructor nearby to that VicRoads car park!

Again, please remember instructor drive to the pickup point/ your place/ VicRoads at instructor’s time and return at instructor’s time. Your time start at the time of booking, pickup; finish at the time of finish/ drop off. This is universal to every single instructor and driving school in Melbourne.

If you book a lesson, the lesson usually starts and ends at the same place. You can finish to a nearby different address if you tell the instructor when you make the booking or even at the start of the lesson and instructor agrees. However please note, we are not a taxi service and cannot be used that way due to the nature of the profession.


Which testing area is easier to pass the VirRoads drive test?


The truth is we can help you to get ready to pass no matter which VicRoads you choose!

Here are the actual facts which will benefit you in the long run when you are looking a VicRoads where you can pass your drive test easily! Please note that some instructor or driving school may tell you a VicRoads branch is easy to pass as they teach on that branch only and want to get you as their business. However, we are an honest Melbourne driving school and want to show you the big-picture which almost all learner drivers find most useful!

Sometimes one of your friends might recommend you a particular VicRoads as they failed their drive test in a different one several times and then passed first time on another one. Points to be noted: After failing several times, your friend might have learned some of the passing requirements which made it possible for him/ her pass to pass at another VicRoads whereas he/ she might have passed to the same VicRoads also.

You might be on a budget and urgently need the licence so wanted to take the chances even in the countryside (less busy traffic!) which are several hundred kilometres outside of Melbourne metropolitan areas as you have read some blog about higher passing rate there! Did you think that higher passing rate may be for people live there, not for outsider as you have no idea about the roads there! Travelling that far would cost you a of minimum $100 extra on top of the regular cost. Why not take 2-3 extra professional lessons with that Money and get it at your local VicRoads we cover. If you think you would need more than that number of lesson to pass the test at your nearest VicRoads , forget about getting it in the countryside too as there is more chances of making mistakes in an unfamiliar area even if you are an experienced driver! Is there any guarantee or promise by country side VicRoads that you will get it there!

You can see all the testimonials and all the happy faces from the learners passing their drive test the first time. Doesn’t it give you the hope that you can also pass your drive test if you just go through the tips to pass your VicRoads drive test and get in touch with us for the 1st lesson (offer starts from $39) so that you get the proper guidance from an experienced professional instructor! We would strongly recommend you to book the drive test in a familiar area (could be close to the place you live, work, travel or have been before) and consult directly with the instructor at the end of a lesson.


Do you provide dual control car for VicRoads drive test?

Yes, we provide dual control pedal fitted automatic/ manual cars for driving tests according to testing vehicle requirements along with our accredited driving instructors. Our instructor will sit at the front passenger seat during the drive test. The VicRoads test officer will seat at the back seat in this case. We also offer warm up mock tests, test preparation lessons and warm up lessons before the test on VicRoads pre- set test routes. You can check the pricing for drive test car and relevant details in our online store for price and packages.


Who book the drive test?

Well, if you already made a booking by yourself then fill in our online booking form and we will try our best to arrange the specialist instructor for that VicRoads for you.

If you haven’t book the test, you can book it online using your mobile when you are with your instructor for the lesson so that instructor can tell you when he/she is available by looking at their schedule. You can also sms your instructor the date/ time/ VicRoads branch you find the booking available on VicRoads online booking system so that instructor check his/ her availability and advise you further.

If you don’t have an instructor as you are not taking lessons prior and just need like a warm-up lesson and use the car for the test, we can help you too. If you want to make sure an instructor is available with the car for you to use for your drive test, please find the available bookings with VicRoads via online or calling them on 131171. Before you make payment, just fill up the enquiry form with the test details you wish to book! We will get back to you swiftly.


How do I get a drive test booking quicker?

Usually 2-4 weeks queue to get a booking for "Car drive and skills test" known as driving test with VicRoads. However here are some tips you can get a early booking.

Please call VicRoads around 8.30am (the time they open)and just before they close, ask them if there is any cancellation. Don’t be hopeless if there are no cancellations. Please try again and again as cancellation can occur at any time. If you have internet access, also visit VicRoads online booking webpage and try again and again until you get a suitable earlier booking.

Please note: if you have an existing booking, you need to tap/click on change button in order to see current availability. Do not worry, untill you selected a new booking, your existing booking remain on.

We wish you all the very best in getting an earlier date when you need it urgently. Remember this tips is from professionals who are involved in this business more than a decade and we know what we say here does work 99.99% spot on!


What do I learn in a lesson?

You and your instructor work it out what you want to achieve from the lessons directly upon meeting for the lesson using instructor's car! In summary, you will learn all that a person needs to know to be able to drive the car to various places safely & confidently as well as getting ready to pass the VicRoads drive test as if required. If you only need to learn some specific driving tasks, that’s absolutely fine too.

Please note: we teach gradually step by step, keeping in mind of your current skill level, ability to learn and what next to learn. For example someone who can hardly control the car on a residential road, we won’t be able to teach them on highway directly on the first lesson even if they wish but we definitely will teach that over the time depends on the progress level!

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