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Refresher driving lessons in Melbourne

Whatever your case may be, Ideal Driving School's nationally accredited professional driving instructors are ready to assist you with our refresher lessons. Our driving instructors have expertise in numerous difficult road circumstances including highway/ freeway driving/Melbourne city-CBD driving/ hook turn/ lane change in busy traffic/ merging/ parking in between 2 cars/ tram lane sharing, etc. We are ready to design a refresher driving lesson program on the day of your first lesson considering your circumstances that suits your specific needs and requirements, timetable and timeframe! Instructor usually will drive to your address or an agreed address to start the lesson with his/ her car.

Refresher lessons deal

refresher lesson

Please note: Due to safety reason, our dual-control-car must be used for the very first lesson.

Rectify bad driving habits!

How to drive and share the lane with trams!

How to make complicated right turns, use slip-lanes!

Update defensive driving skills, local road law knowledge!

Lessons tailored to your needs; lessons in your car, hook turns, city driving!

How to be confident, not fear changing lanes and improve your parking skills!

Driven in Overseas/ interstate? No worries, familiarise yourself with driving in Melbourne!

Now I drive defensively!
Even though I had been driving most of my life, I was from a right-side transit foreign country with different rules and standards. I took a few refresher driving lessons with Ideal driving school to brush up my driving skills to get myself familiar to drive in Melbourne and know what else I need to know. For example: Hook turns, Melbourne CBD driving, sharing lanes with trams, reverse parking in tight spaces, etc in order to be able to drive safely all around Melbourne. This school made me a much better defensive driver, and I certainly would have avoided driving in certain conditions had I not had this training.


Find out below some of the examples of what we can teach during the driving lessons with us:

Merge/ Lane changing

 Learn lane change techniques practically during the lessons, no more fear of lane change! Zip merging: Vehicle ahead gets the right of way regardless of whether the vehicle is on the right or left when there is no lane marking in between two lanes/ vehicles. There is another type of merging in Victoria where a vehicle must cross a line marked on the road to continue and must give way to any vehicle already in the lane the driver wishes to enter. This type of merging occurs generally on a freeway entry or at rural highways at the end of passing lane. Learn how to adjust your speed and find a safe gap to merge safely.

Exceptional rules/ signs

 Familiarise yourself with variable traffic directions/ speed limit signs overhead and how to merge when the lane you are driving is changing into an opposite direction traffic lane. Especially in the morning when there is more traffic towards the City, the number of lane towards the City is increased by closing a lane in the opposite the direction from the City. This is vice versa just after office hours. There are other types of lanes known as Transit lanes, overtaking lanes and turning lanes, bike lanes, bus lane and have different rules to use them which you will learn with our intensive refresher driving course.

Black spot/ Tram lane share

 Areas where many safety problems occur are known as black spot area. To avoid those accidents, "black spot program" has been introduced in Melbourne Victoria with tram intersections. At Ideal driving school, we are aware of those black spots in your area and will train you in how to drive safely in an area like this. Learn how to approach a level crossing. Fine tune your driving skills in multiple different conditions in Melbourne with our accredited professional driving instructor in a dual control car!

Freeway driving lessons

 Freeway driving lessons learn how to use a freeway safely. You should not take the risk of exploring and learning in a freeway by making mistakes. Dropping off a 12 storey building is equivalent to crashing at 100km/hour. You should drive on left lane generally on road >80km/hr speed. With an ideal driving instructor; learn about freeway enters/ exit, merging, identifying potential hazard, lane changes, etc.. Duration 2 hours.

Basic car maintenance

 Basic car maintenance Learn how to do basic maintenance of your car by yourself. It’s not all about money as it is about taking the time to act in a critical emergency situation, knowing how to solve a commonly occurring problems will be very helpful for you. A few examples you can learn with us how to: check and top up engine oil, coolant, windscreen washer fluid, check tyre air pressure, fill petrol, change globes, check/replace fuse, asses battery condition, jump start and much more!

Learn all about parking the car

 We train you in the easiest way to park in all conditions including off-street parking, parking in busy traffic area, shopping centre parking and more. Fear of parking will run away from you with our sophisticated parking techniques. Parking ticket officers use modern technology where a signal automatically goes to the ticket officer immediately after you have parked illegally. Improving knowledge in these areas may save you from parking fines.

Hook turn/ City driving

 Be confident in doing a hook turn, newly introduced "P-turn" in Melbourne with IDEAL driving school’s professional driving instructors. Hook Turn signs are found at some intersections in central and South Melbourne. Drivers new to this hook-turn and p-turn should feel confident after we teach them. Rest assured, we will train you on how to drive around Melbourne CBD safely and with confidence! Duration: 2 hours

Driving alongside other vehicles

 Learn how not to get overwhelmed when there is lots of traffic around you. There are certain techniques you need to follow, for example watching tyre’s position and markings on the road in order stay safe in those situations. Ideal driving school Melbourne’s instructors can train you to feel confident in driving around all different types of vehicles around you on the road.

Route plan

 Do you want to be able to drive in an unknown location without being lost: Learn how to use driving direction maps to drive into a new destination with or without using Mel-way, GPS, Where-is, or your mobile GPS! Learn in details how to get back into track if the Mobile or GPS signal is lost or if you lose track for some reason like road works or a road block or may be your map is not up-to-date.

Night driving lessons

After hours night driving lessons can be arranged with our night driving expert instructor. Learn & explore the differences between driving at night and day. According to road rules Victoria, you need to keep your headlights on during sunset and sunrise driving. High beam is illegal to use within 200 meters of another oncoming vehicle. Learn how not to be dazzled by another vehicle’s high-beam. If you are under 21 years old, we can also record these lesson hours in your logbook 20 hours night driving requirement section or in your MyLearner app.

Court recognised defensive safe driving course

If you have been ordered by the Melbourne magistrate court to attend the defensive safe driving course, you can consider this course in our automatic car. We have clients in the past who have done this course. Upon completion, a certificate was given to the clients to show in the court and was accepted by the magistrate. The course duration 3 hours together in one day, total cost $270 including the certificate issued within 24 hours of completing the course. Certificates can be emailed directly to you or to your lawyer or even directly to the court.

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