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Practical drive test tips for all VicRoads offices in Melbourne

Firstly here are the common mistakes you must avoid if you want to pass the test first time including disobeying instructions:

Mount the kerb

Failing to signal more than once

Fail to stop completely at a stop sign

Forgetting to release handbrake all the way down

Stopping at a keep clear sign

Failing to give way to vehicles

Failing to give way pedestrian

Stopping over the first thick line at traffic lights

Driving on the wrong side of the road

Driving over the speed limit

Not using mirrors frequently enough!

Other vehicles flashing their lights (telling you to off your high beam lights)

Perform instruction according to Drive Test Criteria:

Driving safely may not be sufficient to pass the driving test. Since the licence testing officers will be looking into the sequence in which you are performing the task, you must drive according to the criteria that our instructor will teach you in order to get the tick on the score sheet.

Let us give you an example with the picture of the sequence that you must follow for the instruction: "When safe, move to the right lane"! You get the mark based on the way you perform the instruction. Correct sequence of performing the lane change would be:

Firstly check the Internal mirror then Right side mirror then Indicate (minimum 3 seconds, adjust speed to create gap if needed while maintaining the speed). After that do a head check and if no one in the blind spot and it’s a broken line then you may move gradually to the right lane.

Tips: It’s okay to indicate/ put blinker on to show your intention of lane change and then wait until it’s safe to do the lane change! Don’t forget to cancel the signal after complete the lane change!


Complex instruction during the test:

You are driving in the left lane. Your instruction: “At the second set of traffic lights, turn right”. The instruction of turning given earlier when two sets of traffic lights are closer and might not have sufficient time to do the lane change if the instruction given after you drove past the first set of traffic light!

Tips to prepare for the right turn: Please try to do the lane change as soon as possible even before crossing the first set of light. You don’t want to leave things for the last minute. If you couldn’t do it at the last minute you may get penalty as instruction was given earlier for you to try to perform and you were not able to do the task.

Download the official eBook for VicRoads drive test, get to know all the tips & criteria for absolutely free of cost. You can also consider an intensive 90 minutes practical driving test tips first session for just $75 (manual $5 extra) to get your driving checked by the drive test expert.

What happen on the day of the test?

Formalities at the start: Walk inside VicRoads and advice to the respective staff that you are present for the test, no need to take a ticket or wait on a queue! Driving test vehicle parked in the testing bay are ready and our instructor make sure that all requirement for the test are ready. Your name will be called by a Licence testing officer (LTO) for the paperwork, make sure you have all the documents ready with you as per the requirement advised by Vicroads when you made the drive test booking! Our instructor will also present his/ her instructor licence. If you need, our instructor may arrange to repeat instruction or give hand signals during the drive test. Some people find this helpful especially if they muddle up right and left. After the formalities, you will be coming out of the car with our driving instructor. The LTO normally comes to the testing car a bit later!

Predrive safety check:
You will be inside the driver’s seat with the ignition on (engine off), window down. Our Instructor & test officer will be standing outside the car. You will be asked to perform the following task before the test officer or instructor gets into the car: Turn indicators, Brake lights, Horn, Headlights (high and low beam), Hazard lights, Windscreen washer and wipers, Point to the handbrake, Point to the Windscreen (front) demister, Point to the Rear window demister (where fitted). Our instructor will show you all of them during your driving lessons.

Stage 1: Basic driving ability
3 people in the car! Our accredited driving instructor will sit at the front passenger seat next to the applicant in our dual control car as a safety person and the licence test officer will sit at the rear passenger seat during the drive test. This stage will be approximately 10 minutes including either a reverse parallel parking or a 3 point turn. You will have 2 minutes for the parking. At the end of stage one, you will be asked to find a safe and legal spot to pull over. Your score will be calculated and if you’re successful you will move into next stage.

Stage 2: Driving on busy roads
This stage will take approximately 20 minutes, will take place in more busy roads compared to the first stage. Your test will normally continue until you return to the VicRoads testing bay! Our instructor will take you to these routes before your drive test and will train you on how exactly the test officer will expect you to drive during the test. Our instructor will also use the exactly same English instruction word-by-word while teaching you and while giving you tips during the session with you prior to the drive test to make you test ready 100%.

Please note: You will not be asked to do it the reverse parallel parking in between 2 cars, relax! Unless you had a recent photo taken by VicRoads, most of the time your photo will be taken and issued paper licence on the spot. The actual plastic licence card will be mailed to your address, (this takes about 5 to 10 working days). You can start driving with the paper licence immediately. Wish you all the very best and drive safely :)

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