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What makes us win the title, “Cheap driving lessons in Melbourne”!

We do the hard work of market research by comparing our prices with other schools regularly to keep our pricing unbeatable in terms of price and quality. We then apply further reduction on the price considering some people are unemployed, are students or are on a budget to ensure that our prices are affordable for everyone.

When it comes to choosing lesson duration, please see our details comparison to get most out of your money: 45 minutes vs 60 minutes vs 90 minutes!


I always like to shop around for deals and realised that when I added up the total cost, I found Ideal’s lesson cost is cheaper than the others. Also they were reliable so I continued with them and got my licence on my first attempt!

Cheap driving lessons supported in MelbounreGordon

Choose the deal that suits your needs


Test-day warm-up lesson & test-car

If you already booked the drive test, we will try to arrange an instructor who is available and has expertise at that particular VicRoads. If you haven’t booked the test, just mention your preferred VicRoads when you book online with us so that we can arrange an instructor who will guide you to make a booking with VicRoads according to his/ her schedule.

Warm-up lesson will be similar to an actual-test so you can clarify any doubt and be switched-on for the actual test.
60 minutes warm-up lesson & car for test $200 #1 

90 minutes warm-up lesson & car for test $240 #1 


Complete licence packages

You will have the opportunity to lock-in your instructor's car for the actual drive-test at a discounted rate which you will use for your licence test preparation lessons prior to the day of licence test! Statistic shows that, having the same instructor's car during all the lessons and during the "car drive and skills test" can increase your chances of passing the test! Price below for lesson and test in automatic car, for manual it will be $10 extra for each meeting.

2x60 minutes lesson and car for test $260
For confident learner/ driver

3x45 minutes lesson and car for test $280
Lesson 1&2 together

3x60 minutes lesson and car for test $320
Most popular

5x60 minutes lesson and car for test $400
add $75 for 1-free re-test #2 

2x90 minutes lesson and car for test $320
Intensive fast-track

4x90 minutes lesson and car for test $480
add $75 for 1-free re-test #2 


Package lesson deals

With a package, you can secure your lessons at a cheaper rate ahead of those who are in an open pay as you go rate. This will also ensure that, generally each time you will get the same car to drive along with the same instructor during all your lessons! Lesson package will be $170 for 3 hours in manual car. Below package lesson deals for lessons in automatic car.

90 minutes packages

@$45/45 minutes
3x90min Pack $285

@$45/45 minutes
5x90min Pack $420

60 minutes packages

@$45/45 minutes
5x60min Pack $300

Buy 10 get 1 free deal
11x60min Pack $600

45 minutes packages

@$45/45 minutes#3
5x45min Pack $225 (M-F)

@$45/45 minutes#3
10x45min Pack $450 (M-F)


Beginner-to-finisher licence package

This is for learner with limited or no-prior driving experience who really need to get their licence soon for whatever the reason! Prepare for licence test in our automatic car and get a free re-test incase if needed!

Meet at VicRoads. Pay option to either full amount at the start or in 3 installment (end of 1st lesson:$500, end of 9th hour lesson:$500, end of 18th hour lesson:$400).
24 lessons, each lesson 60 minutes. Instructors car for 2-drive-test.

16 lessons, each lesson 90 minutes. Instructors car for 2-drive-test.


General conditions:

Changes/cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice (drive-test 1 week) directly to the instructor's mobile via sms, full fee payable.

Please carry your Victorian learner permit card or appropriate licence, etc., follow road rules when you go for the driving lesson and drive test.

#1: Cost may vary for the day of your test. Once you let us know the date, time, location, etc. we may give you fixed-price quote!

#2: If you want to add $75 for 1-free re-test, you must meet at the vicorads for all your lessons and test so that instructor can teach you the test routes.

#3: 45 minutes lesson packages are to be used one lesson each week Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) between 9am - 5pm by Victorian learner permit card/ receipt holders only. 60 minutes and 90 minutes packages do not have the above restrictions.

Pay-as-you-go rate (PAYG): $42/45 minutes, $55/60 minutes, $80/90 minutes, (Manual $48, $59 and $85 respectively)! Car only for the drive test $130 (manual $140). You can save huge by choosing any package and pay at the end of the 1st lesson.

If you are 100% happy at the end of your first lesson with the instructor and car, you need to pay the full amount of the package (or 1st instalment for beginner-to-finisher pack) directly to your instructor. Lessons/Licence-packages are prepaid, non refundable/transferrable, expires 3 months from date of purchase/ being eligible to sit for test. Please be sure that you are flexible and available for atleast 1 full day or 2 half days to get a lesson slot each week if you are going for any package. Last lesson of the Licence-package to be used as a warm up lesson on the same day immediately before the actual drive test.

Our preferred payment option Cash or bank transfer, Credit card surcharge apply; our fee doesn’t include VicRoads fees. Details terms and conditions can be found on out Terms and Conditions page!


Compare lesson cost vs. durations: pros & cons to save even more!

Most driving schools offer minimum lesson duration of 45 minutes and other common durations are 60 minutes and 90 minutes which makes you confused when you are comparing the pricing among them to get a good deals on your lessons!

As one of our missions is to offer cheap driving lessons, we kept it simple for you to work out the cost. Here are facts to help you better understand and choose the correct lessons bundle which will not only give you the lowest price but will also meet any other requirements you may have. This is correct when you use this to compare price regardless of which Melbourne driving school you compare with. You can read the article below about what facts you need to consider in determining whether you should consider 45, 60 or 90 minute driving lessons.

45 minutes known as single-lesson

Generally this is the most expensive lesson even though it looks cheap (We will show you how in the next paragraph). The other major disadvantage of having a single lesson is, when you want to practice a driving task few times after they are first taught, most of the time your time is up!

60 minutes known as standard-lesson

This is cheaper compared to single lesson. Just multiply cost of a 60 minute lesson by 0.75 to find out the truth. This lesson gives you just-enough time to not only learn more but also practice a few times to ensure you actually understand what is been taught to you by your instructor.

90 minutes known as double-lesson

Intensive 1.5 hours lesson is the cheapest lesson. Just multiply cost of 90 minutes lesson by 0.5 to find out the truth. This lesson gives you enough time to not only learn more but also practice few more times to ensure you actually understand what is been taught to you by your instructor.


Total cost calculator for your driving lessons and licence:

Get an idea of the total cost of the lessons and licensing fees in just few seconds to help you plan your budget before you commit to any lessons. This also helps you choose the suitable package in addition to the instructor’s recommendations during your first lesson. Other factors you need to consider when calculating the total cost are: Your ability and willingness to learn, outside practice opportunities apart from the lessons, meeting the instructor at VicRoads to get ready for test, etc.

Pay VicRoads minimum $238.70 plus payment to Ideal Driving School for car & instructor
There are 2 parts to the cost: one is the VicRoads fees at different stages (Fixed price, need to pay the same if unsuccessful). As of 2017, breakdown of VicRoads fees below: for Learner permit knowledge test (including appointment fees): $40.90, Issue learner permit card: $23.70, Hazard perception test (including appointment fees):$35.50, booking fees for drive test $60.70, transfer/cancel $17.80, issue 3 years licence $77.90.

You also need to pay the driving school for letting you use their car and the instructor for your training and drive test. Here you also need to pay each time you took the service (excluding 1 retest on licence guarantee package). Our lesson price is competitive and cheap. You can get close approximation of the total amount to pay to Ideal Driving School once you take a lessons, as you will get a better idea of how many lessons you might need.

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